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About Us


Our Teachers and Campus:

Our professional Vietnamese Language teachers have been selected from various universities in Ho Chi Minh City. Our center is located in Ton Duc Thang University, one of the most beautiful and high quality universities in Vietnam.

Proficiency Objectives:

At the Vietnamese Language Center, we prepare students who are about to begin a university course or who want to apply to a university in the future to have a Vietnamese language capability that enhances their academic program and enables them to live, work, study, and research in Vietnam.

With our experience and well-equipped classrooms, surrounded by lush, landscaped gardens, we are confident that we can successfully meet your need for daily conversation skills, whether you have just arrived or are already living in Vietnam. Our courses are designed to make you feel at home in Vietnam, by making daily conversations easier, understanding Vietnamese culture more deeply, and observing and learning about its people and society. In this way you will be able to forge new social or business relationships with local Vietnamese people.